Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ramp – Make Boating Fun and Safe for Your Canine Sailor

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Most dogs just love the water, which makes boating tons of fun for both you and your pooch.  However, the one problem can be getting Fido back into the boat after he enjoys a swim in the water.  After all, you want to make sure your dog has fun in the water, but keeping him safe as he gets back into the boat is important too.  The Paws Aboard boat ladder offers the perfect solution to this problem, giving your dog an easy way to climb into the boat.

How does this doggy boarding ladder work?  It’s simple.  The ladder attaches right to your boat ladder, providing a pooch-friendly ladder that is easy for your dog to climb when entering the boat.  It’s even great for exiting the boat.  The special ribbed design of the ladder keeps pets from slipping, so you don’t have to worry about an injury to your best friend while you’re out enjoying the water.

Even for small boats, the ladder is portable and convenient.  To save space, it easily folds up so you can store it.  If you need to use your standard boat ladder, it’s easy to detach Paws Aboard with the easy to use mounting grip.  It’s designed to stand up in all types of weather and remains durable in salt water.  It’s corrosion and rust proof, which means the ladder will last a long time once you make the investment.

Instead of trying to haul your dog into the boat yourself, which can lead to strain and pain for you and your pet, Paws Aboard allows dogs of all sizes to easily walk right up the ladder into the boat.  While it has many benefits to offer any pet, it’s especially helpful to dogs that are overweight, getting older or experiencing arthritis.  Give your pooch the gift of enjoying the water safely once again with this safe, durable boat ladder.


  • Simple to attach to and remove from most boat ladders with 3+ steps (Ladders over 14” wide require extension piece, sold separately)
  • Conveniently portable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and UV-resistant
  • Slip-resistant, ribbed design helps keep all pets safe
  • Reduces pain and strain for you and your pets
  • Quickly detaches and floats next to the watercraft to allow people easy access to the boat ladder


  • Measures 16 by 64 inches
  • Folds in half for easy storage